Saving Money on Cable If you are paying over a thousand dollars for something that other people are only paying a hundred dollars a year for, would you switch or be fine with this? This is a pretty obvious question, but many people actually do end up paying thousands of dollars by having cable instead of cutting the cord. With cable you are paying a huge monthly bill for only a small selection of channels you actually watch, when you could pay a fraction of the cost to get the Internet and a streaming service. You have a lot of reasons to cut the cable cord, so stop flushing your money down the drain. One thing to consider with cable companies is how happy are you with the customer service you receive? Many times you are calling because something is wrong on their end and you are not getting what you pay for. What can be even more frustrating is if a cable service employee needs to visit your home or you need new equipment, you have to pay extra. With the huge cost of cable, suffering through sub-par customer service is unacceptable. When you think of the monthly cost of cable, this alone should be encouragement enough to cancel cable tv. Many cable bills are well over one hundred dollars a month and this is before you factor in the hidden charges. A lot of people get rightfully mad when they get their bill and see they are charged for hidden fees that were not initially made clear when they signed up. Think about how many channels you pay for compared to what you actually watch and you will realize that cable television is not a good value. When you consider the constantly rising cost of cable, cutting the cable cord is a good financial decision.
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With the convenience of the Internet and streaming services, cutting the cable cord has become an obvious decision. Having Internet and a streaming service gives you the same level of entertainment as an expensive cable television package. You can get the same shows and movies on a streaming service at a much lower cost than you find on your cable bill. Also, the Internet makes it easy to find live content that would not be on a streaming service. Relying on a streaming service and the Internet will not only save you money, but will still give you the same benefit of having cable television.
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It is no wonder why cord cutting is such a popular option. People are getting fed up with poor customer service and wasting money on huge cable bills. When you do the math and weigh your options, using a streaming service and the Internet make cutting the cable cord a simple decision. Stop wasting your money every month and make the right choice to get rid of cable.