Ransomware is one of the worst types of infections a computer system can get. It works by installing a virus that locks the owner out of their own files. In order to regain access to the locked files, the owner must either pay the ransom or hire a professional to remove the virus.

Paying the Ransom

Paying ransom to restore access to files that were locked by a virus is risky. There’s no guarantee the cyber criminals who installed the virus will actually release the files after the ransom is paid. There is also no way to know whether they copied the files and plan to use them for their own criminal purposes after the allow the original owner to access them again.

These ransoms tend to be in the thousands of dollars. Individuals and companies that pay ransoms might be targeted again in the future.

Hiring a Professional

Rather than paying cyber criminals to release files they locked, people who have been victims of this type of crime can pay a professional to do ransomware virus removal. Computer repair professionals have the skills and experienced needed to remove ransomware for a small fraction of the price the thief is charging.

In addition to removing the virus and restoring all of the files that have not been corrupted by the attacker, a professional can install an antivirus program that will protect the computer so it won’t be infected again.

The Importance of Antivirus

Getting a virus removed promptly is essential after the computer has been infected but it is much more cost effective to prevent the virus in the first place. There are plenty of antivirus programs out there and most of them are very effective. In order to ensure the program keeps every virus away, it must be updated regularly and the owner must maintain a current license.

Ransomware can only infect a computer if it isn’t protected by effective antivirus software. A computer professional can help an individual or business choose a software package that will fit their budget and meet their virus protection needs so they won’t have to spend money removing a harmful ransomware virus.