Art is something everyone is aware of. Whether you are an artist or not, despite what education you have had, you certainly know what art is.

Art has changed a lot during the centuries, it experienced lots of different fields that goes beyond just sculpture and painting, going through architecture, movies, design and comics.

Comics are maybe the most commercial of these forms, but this does not mean that their value is lower. Comics, since their first appearance back in the Thirties – with the American Detective Comics and Action Comics – had the power to capture the attention of billions of kids who brought with them this passion to their adulthood. Regardless their fame, they went through hard times with the beginning of the Internet’s Era.

Luckily enough, cartoonist did not give up and find out that Internet is not something to fight but an opportunity to get much more visibility.
Indeed, Internet has become one of the most important place where to share and read comics.

Newbie cartoonist, who may not have much opportunities, discovered that Internet is a free way to express themselves with their comics. They can easily open their own website and start to share their works and have direct feedback about it, which is great.

A great example in this sense, is the web comic Iron Clawed written and drawn by the 20 years-old Croatian cartoonist Ivan Jurkovic. When he understood that he had to share his comic he soon opened his own website to do so.

Since in Internet you do not work for anybody else than yourself, you have the freedom to talk about what you want. Iron Clawed is a dystopic comic about a world where the Second World War has never ended and the adventures of three soldiers who are sent on the front line for the first time.
Jurkovic was brave enough to share his work and it looks like he made the right decision since there are thousands of people that reads his work and more are yet to come.