Managing a corporate network is considered to be the main job duty of the network administrator. This is a specialist who is employed to keep his eyes on the corporate network and do all possible things to keep it operating. In fact, the main job duties of an average network manager are to monitor, control, deploy, plan and coordinate. All these activities, require time, attention and energy. However, if a network manager chooses the right approach and plans his working time correctly, he’ll be able to complete all his job tasks on time.

Today, we’re going to share several simple tips on how to manage a computer network effectively.

Network Management: What Does It Mean?

Before starting to manage a computer network you need to understand what you actually going to do. The notion of the ‘network management’ comprises several notions:

  • Security management (this area of network management involves monitoring the distribution of the cryptographic keying material, reporting of the security breaches and controlling the authorization of the subscriber access);
  • Configuration management (this sphere of the network management is closely connected to the security management as it deals with tracking all changes that made to hardware, software, documentation and etc.)
  • Accounting management (you need to analyze, control, plan and report information concerning the financial status of the network.

These are the main components of the network management. Try to take them into consideration while planning the list of your daily duties or your daily routine.

Total Software Deployment: How Can It Help You to Manage Your Network

If you have to manage a computer network and you have made a list of your job duties, you need a kit of effective tools to complete your tasks successfully. For instance, you can use a special tool for software deployment.

We advise you to try your hands with Total Software Deployment (TSD). This a special program designed to automatize the process of deploying other programs on the network. So how does it work?

When you use TSD, you get an opportunity to deploy an unlimited number of software packages simultaneously. The only thing, you have to specify the date, time and computer that will be involved in the software deployment. The deployment process is usually initiated with the help of a single mouse click.

TSD can be also used to check the network and reveal all the programs operating on the network. These data can be used for generating a software inventory list, security and accounting management.

Today, we have shared some tips on how to manage a corporate network effectively. We hope that our post will help you in some way.