Sell Your Cartridges: Make Money by Recycling Your Used Printer Cartridges Many people purchase new printer cartridges online and in actual office supply stores for printing school papers and office documents, and if they run dry and empty we easily throw them away or are piled up in a cabinet. Throwing away old laser and inkjet printer toner cartridges in the garbage is not environmentally friendly because they contain toxic chemicals that may leach into the ground causing water and soil pollution. Many people also don’t want to go through the stress and hassle of refilling empty printer cartridges due to its mess. Recycle your empty inkjet and laser printer ink toner cartridges and earn extra money by selling them and at the same time saving its detrimental effects to the environment due to improper disposal. First, you can ask your local office supply store if they collect ink and toner printer cartridges for free, and you might even get a surprise reward coupon on your next new cartridge purchase. You can also sell your empty laser and inkjet toner and ink printer cartridges in major shopping websites. The secret to a successful sale is in your listing. When you do your first listing, it is very important to include the specific and relevant details associated with the printer cartridges you are selling such as listing the ink color, manufacturer, and the model numbers. You can use the word “virgin” such as “virgin laser and inkjet cartridges for sale”, quoted in your title and description if you have not refilled the cartridges, in order to attract customers to purchase your item. In order to the trust and confidence of your potential customers, it will help taking several photos of your used and empty inkjet and laser ink and toner cartridges to also show the real condition of your item. If you have several of them, it is a good idea selling your empty used cartridges in lots instead of listing it one by one, saving your time and effort listing. Buyback websites is a good place to also sell your empty and used inkjet and laser printer cartridges to make money. Buyback websites ask their sellers to add their inventory on their site and they will be sent free postage label to ship the cartridges free of charge. Once the company or recycling center receives the cartridges and after evaluation, then you will be sent a check for the payment. It is also nice giving your empty cartridges to charity and community groups found in your neighborhood or in school, because they can turn in for cash and they can use it in funding their local efforts. There are also online charities and support groups who buy used cartridges and cell phones in bulk.6 Lessons Learned: Cartridges

6 Lessons Learned: Cartridges