Do you remember the phenomenal game Flappy Bird? Who would have thought, a very simple game that can attract many people? Many new applications developed by developers layman, who successfully decorate the top of the Android application store on your smartphone. So, have you ever thought to participate in creating Android apps?

It used to develop Android applications is very difficult, should have coding skills. But now, many software that allows you to make the application even if you are not so good at coding.For more information, you can visit worryfreelabs

How to Make Android Apps for Beginners with Android Studio

Of the phenomenon that has been and the above examples, it is clear that there are always opportunities. You just have to have the right combination of unique ideas and good execution in making the application. Here’s the info you should know, in developing Android apps for newbies.
Create Planning Mature

Every day, sometimes there are unique ideas that come to your mind. However, because there is no follow-up, the idea just disappear. Inspiration came anywhere and anytime, so if you get the idea instantly record and create a picture as clear as possible as you can.

A unique idea that you start to develop more mature with your creativity. Do a little research, what kind of applications you do, make sure your idea is useful or entertaining. If you go into a particular niche market, look at the competition. But if you plan to compete with some of the applications that are already well known, make sure that the application you made better.
Install Android Studio

Had you planning has matured, the next is to prepare tools. Download and install the necessary software. Well if you do not have good coding skills, you are required to use Android Studio. So, make sure your computer is installed in Java SE Development Kit 7. Both can you download free.