If you’re looking for a new phone, you probably know you pretty much have two choices, Apple or Android. Windows Phone is all but dead and Blackberry phones, well they run Android anyway! So Apple or Android it is. You may be considering Apple, and that wouldn’t be a bad choice. iPhones are still the best phones on the market in terms of build quality and design. Their operating system is rock solid and unlike Android phones, when its updated, it’s pushed to users right away. Unless you have a Google branded Android phone, good luck on that happening. Instead, the update will go to your carrier, who will sit on it and drag their feet and make sure it will run all their crapware-and if it doesn’t, do they drop or fix the crapware? No! They send the update back to Google and demand they make it work. You’ll be lucky to get it 6 months after release. In many cases it takes much longer. The other reason they do this is because they’d rather you buy a new phone to get the new OS rather than update their old handsets. So if you want releases instantly, go iPhone or Google Pixel.

That said there are some benefits to choosing Android over Apple. There are no difficult to unlock Samsung phones, so if that’s you’re thing, Android is the way to go. Android is also amazingly customizable with thousands of fonts, icon packs, themes and ROMs to choose from. Rooting is relatively simple, but be warned, if you do it on a Samsung phone it will void the warranty. If you’re okay with that, rooting will open up a whole new world of customization for you. You can even get rid of carrier branding and crapware if you want.

Android is great for people who like tweaking with their gadgets. Aside from customizing how it looks you can also tweak all kinds of other things like memory, file management and even overclocking. You can’t do any of those on an Apple unless you jailbreak it, which is not as simple a process, and once you do it it will get wiped out as soon as the new OS update arrives.

Finally, Android phones are very affordable compared to Apple. Aside from the new Google Pixel, you can get a very nice Android phone for just a few hundred dollars-and who doesn’t like a bargain?