Places to Enjoy Drinks in Birmingham

When it comes to food you can literally take your pick from a whole host of different flavors. Every day, you can taste a different them from traditional British food, to a taste of Mediterranean.

Michelin star restaurants, with over 200 restaurants representing 27 different nationalities, is where you can go to when it comes to quality and a quick bite.

If you want traditional foods from Great Britain and Ireland with top quality, 2009 Michelin Guide gives you three Birmingham restaurants which are the Harbourne restaurant, Purnell’s and Edgbaston’s Simpsons.
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No other city or town outside London boasts so many top ranking restaurants and Birmingham is fast becoming known as England’s second culinary capital.
Doing Bars The Right Way

Birmingham’s countless restaurants are perfectly offset by an equally varied array of pubs where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city streets and enjoy a refreshing drink.

There is a diverse partying clubs available in the area that any type of party people can fit at whether to a pre-clubbing hot spot, student nights, or chic cocktail bars.

There are many thing to try and experience in Birmingham aside from eating and drinking. Aston Hall, one of the England’s great country houses that was built by Sir Thomas Holte in 1618, is one of the tourist spots where tourist that are fond of history and culture can go.

Another area for people that is fond in history and culture is the Blakesley Hall. Blakesley Hall is built for a Birmingham businessman Richard Smallbroke in 1590 with a design that is furnished to reflect the lifestyle of a rich family of late Tudor and Stuart and is one of the few areas in the city where you can see an exact sample of what life used to be like in Birmingham.

If you enjoy resting your feet and watching movies in a comfortable area, Birmingham offers you a wide selection of cinemas where you can choose from independent films to mainstream movies.

The oldest working cinema in the United Kingdom can be found in Birmingham which is the Birmingham’s Electric Cinema which is still filled with movie watchers since its first opening in 1909. The current building is now filled with luxury sofa seating, waiter service, and a full bar so you can have a quick drink, snack, and rest before enjoying or waiting for the movie.

There are still many views for you to see especially when you want to stay for a few days. Whether you are looking for cheap and cheerful hotels or luxurious chic hotels, Birmingham can provide a wide range of selection to choose from.

It will save you time and effort if you book your hotel online so that you can just easily check-in when you arrive and start exploring the place immediately.